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This is a 3D game engine made from scratch during the CreativeJam 2018. We had 46h to create a full game, and here is barely the engine. There is a little demo though! Run the given executable (Linux only) and test it. You don't have much other goals than moving around.. (Best gameplay ever!) But wait, everthing was made from scratch! (Or almost, we use OpenGL, glfw, and, fortunately, we were not required to create the computer by our own)

You may enjoy the beautiful handmade lighting (Phong Illumination algorithm). The physic engine runs at 45fps, however, rendering loop appends as fast as possible. This is good news if your living room is cold, since the engine will use 100% of one CPU to heat your computer (And then the room). After a while, you may be able to cook some bacon on your computer, but we didn't try in practice.

We used Linux to develop this little engine. Unfortunately, only Linux is supported. (The given executable is a Linux binary).

Source code on github: https://github.com/GeekyMoose/ice-engine-3d (The corresponding exact version is the tag v0.1 on master)

That was a really funny experience. Feel free to use this engine for you next GameJam (Though that would be probably a stupid idea!)

Install instructions

Unfortunately, only Linux is supported. The given file is a Linux tar file. To execute the game, open a terminal where the file is downloaded and then, follow these instructions:

- Extract content: tar -xvf ice-engine-3d.tar

- Go in the extracted folder: cd ice-engine-3d

- Execute the game: ./ice-engine-3d.out

The game should start. Use A W D S to move around.


ice-engine-3d.tar 760 kB

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